The Quitting Equation

The Quitting Equation

I love listening to podcasts. They allow me to feel productive while I am doing other things that I can pay attention to sub-cortically (like driving – it’s very safe…really) while my awareness is somewhere else.

The Freakanomics Podcast is one of my favorites. Steven Dubner and Stephen Levitt do a remarkable job of making economics interesting and practical for the rest of us. They recently ran an episode called: The Upside of Quitting

I have created a tool that might help you make a tough decision about whether to quit something in  your life.

Not sure whether a relationship is good for you or bad? Should I quit my job and start a food truck? Should I stop drinking wine?

I put chocolate into the equation and it told me I should quit eating it…we will see what happens with that…

See which side the Quitting Equation points to for you:

Should I quit?

PS. Be careful to read the question carefully because the valence of the scale changes for each question.

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