The Intrinsic Fitness System

What does Intrinsic Fitness mean?

It is our idea that the reason we are all here, the reason we are alive, is because our DNA has been passed on and the information encoded by it fits together in an exquisite way; a way that is both powerful and beautiful. Those of us who are here are the culmination of a process with many narrowing pressures, pressures that have eliminated the weak and left only the strong. This strength within all of us, our Intrinsic Fitness, is untouchable, unbreakable, it is the foundation of our idea that we all have a power and purpose that can be tapped and used to be the ultimate iteration of our species. Our genes have survived over millions of years, we are the best of our species so far. To me this is an incredibly powerful idea. We can use it to view the world and direct our lives from a source that is, always has been and always will come from within.

We are social animals. We can feel and share the good and the bad as well. Shame is painful when we feel that others are disappointed by us or do not approve of some aspect of us. This idea is central to much of the ongoing anguish between us. Acceptance, understanding and love are the antidote to the acute and elixir for the future of our personal interactions. It takes hard work and perseverance to learn how to react with kindness to ourselves and then to others when we experience the deflation of disappointment in our gut or the pain of seeing disappointment on another’s face. If we are brave enough to own this moment, to stay with it, to be authentic, our reward is knowledge, power and joy…the promise of nirvana.

We must look inside, tap the source of our strength, our Intrinsic Fitness, celebrate and strengthen it every day to nurture our bodies, our minds and our community.


12 Steps Towards Optimal Health and Happiness

  1. Affect Theory Education – What does “Stress” really mean? We make simple the process of understanding affect (“feeling”) on your face and in your body. An essential part of the process is learning what stress is, how it “builds up” and what the heck to do about it.
  2. Body (Mechanics) – We utilize the Ortho-Kinetics System (we do a Postural and Joint Mobility and Movement Assessment) – Is there asymmetry or dysfunction? Is the limitation a mobility or motor control issue? If we meet you in your home or office we analyze your ergonomics  and can help you to move better within your environment.
  3. Movement – We utilize the  information from our Ortho-Kinetics assessment to create a specific program to correct imbalances and weakness and train for optimal, pain-free strength and movement.
  4. Social – We utilize Restorative Practices to resolve differences and foster productive relationships between individuals and within corporations and small businesses.
  5. Mindfulness – We train three important aspects of mindfulness: awareness, acceptance and gratitude. We use Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Mindfulness-Based-Stress-Reduction and 12 different meditations in order to help our clients live mindfully and optimally every day.
  6. Yoga – The synergy of Affect Education, Mindfulness, Breath, Body Mechanics & Movement. We use yoga to highlight, reinforce and emphasize the other aspects of The IF System.
  7. Bodywork – If a tissue restriction or dysfunction is present we use ART, MAT, massage or RTT to re-balance movement and function. Through touch and education we help our clients get relief of stress directly from the face as well as learn how to keep it relaxed and stress free.
  8. Breath – The keystone for many of the IF steps, we teach our clients how to get more out of each breath as well as how to train the musculature that makes breath strong & powerful.
  9. Brain Fitness – All of the IF steps have been suggested by research to lead to better brain health and memory. Affect plasticity, movement, good breath, relaxation, good sleep, diet, yoga and mindfulness have all been well-researched and shown to contribute to brain fitness in some way. We don’t believe sitting in front of a screen is the best way to get healthy, we believe that there is a much more productive, effective and enjoyable way – we are forging a great path and invite you to walk it with us.
  10. Performance We help you perform at your best every single time. In addition to the science behind optimal-performance, we use an extremely powerful self-hypnosis tool that arms our clients with a performance cue they can use anywhere, anytime.
  11. Sleep – We educate our clients on the effects of sleep (or lack of it) on performance, memory and mood. We teach good sleep-hygiene and a sleep-induction mantra that helps our clients to fall asleep peacefully virtually anytime.
  12. Diet – We distinguish the difference between the hunger drive and psychological eating. We help our clients to eat to feel good instead of allowing food to make the decisions.


Intrinsic Fitness is not just 12 random modes of learning. It is a system that evaluates, guides and teaches the techniques and training to think faster, perform better and find satisfaction in both the movement towards and the achievement of your best health and happiness.

The Intrinsic Fitness System, which continues to evolve as neuroscience evolves, teaches what is at the foundation of every great performance: a body and mind that is simultaneously fluid, lucid & open, yet able to focus without faltering.

The IF System is a step-wise approach, beginning with affect education, broad and then specific cognitive and physical strategies and ending with a self-study and practice program which builds towards effortless habit. It takes a little effort and a strong commitment to your health. Even though it takes some of your valuable time, it can make your sleep, your work and your interactions more effective; gaining you precious hours and minutes to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Although one 15 minute session can improves sleep, memory and performance, the entire process needs 15-20 hours to make structural and lasting progress.  It is unnecessary for you to do all of this with us, much can be done at home, in the car or while your body is doing something else.

We have programs for students, professionals, families and small businesses.

Individual: $120 per session

Groups: $35/individual if 3-7 participants.

Large Groups: 8 or more can schedule a seminar for the afternoon Saturday block 3-8PM with the dinner break from 5-6.

Seminar training: $50 per individual per day. This includes lunch and drinks. Seminars are held on Saturdays from 9AM- 2PM with lunch break from 11-12.


_____________________________________________________________________________________________________Brian Westendorf is a former collegiate athlete at the University of Texas at Austin, a Performance & Stress Management Expert and a Respirateur. He is the CEO of Intrinsic Fitness LLC and teaches executive, group, student and private Performance Training & Stress Management. He consults everyone from 90yr old Grandmothers to High School athletes and also writes his thoughts here when he has something to share.

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Twitter: @BrianWdorf


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