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Everyone is Faking It

When I was a kid I thought all grown-ups knew everything. As a teenager I thought doctors knew everything. Until college I thought massage and physical therapists knew everything about the muscles and tissue. Until the last few years I thought that all psychiatrists and psychologists knew everything about human thought and why we act. […]

Four S’s For Fitness Success

Origionally posted in June:

How many of us are currently trying to lose weight or change our body composition? If I am honest about my own habits and idiosyncratic weight loss behaviors I am probably trying to change my body composition about 80% of the time! The important question is not whether this behavior is good or bad, because let’s be frank we are all going to do it, but how can we go about it in the healthiest way possible? I’d like to share with you four important S’s I have observed in 20 years of fitness experience.